Skilled Migration

There are, essentially, two kinds of visa that skilled migrants can consider.

  • Temporary visas

The most common of these is known as the Temporary Business Visa (Long Stay) or subclass 457. These visas permit the holder to live and work in Australia so long as they are nominated by an approved employer. These visas can be valid for up to 4 years. However, if the work ceases for any reason the visa holder will have only 28 days to find another approved sponsor or leave the country. These visas were introduced to address temporary skills shortages and as such can be obtained relatively quickly.

  • Permanent Visas

Permanent visas can take anything from 6 months to 2 years or longer to process.  The government now favours applicants who:

have formal qualifications and skills (in specified occupations) and recent, and relevant, employment history;

are nominated by an Australian employer or state government;

have competent English language skills;

and are aged between 18 and under 50 at the time of application (with some exceptions).

Applicants seeking independent migration are subject to the Points Test that will assess a number of criteria including age, English language skills, qualifications and experience. However the majority of permanent visas that will be issued in 2011/12 will be under various employer and regional schemes that are not points tested.

The rules change frequently and no two cases are exactly the same. It is important to find out what applies to your circumstances now. To find out more or simply email or fill in one of our enquiry forms.


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