Student Visas

There are currently more than 500,000 international students studying in Australia in  the secondary, vocational and higher education sectors as well as English language programmes (ELICOS). Australia enjoys a well earned reputation for the quality of its educational institutions and services. If you are in Australia as a student you are also entitled to work part-time (20 hours per week) while your course is in session and full-time during vacations. If you are married and have dependant children they may be able to accompany you on your student visa. Your partner will also be entitled to work 20 hours per week. Partners of some postgraduate level students may be entitled to work full time.

Students who have successfully completed a course of study of more than 2 years may also apply for a further visa enabling them to work full-time for a further 18 months thus acquiring the professional experience that may be necessary to support an application for permanent residency.

Student visa applications are assessed on a number of criteria including, naturally, your academic background. These will also vary depending on your country of citizenship. it is important to seek preliminary advice about your options before you select your course of study or institution.

At IMSVISA we have considerable experience of the Australian education system and can provide you with expert and professional advice on your education career in Australia.

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